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Tajemství skvělých dohod: Umění vyjednat cokoliv = Empatický leadership

Tajemství skvělých dohod: Umění vyjednat cokoliv = Empatický leadership

Radim Pařík

Prague Castle, Martinique Palace - discover one of the most prestigious locations in Prague and the whole Czech Republic. The palace where Forman's Amadeus was filmed! More history?

Live networking throughout the day - network directly at the event in all corners of the Renaissance Palace throughout the day, discover the breathtaking halls, terraces, courtyards, gardens together with your colleagues or future partners!

PCE networking application - 40 meetings a day? No problem! How to do it? Use our latest networking app and turn your time at the palace into a series of productive meetings with new potential contacts! Arrange meetings in advance directly with who you want to meet, at a specific location! Study what the PCE app has to offer and prepare yourself well, because "hard on the training ground, easy on the battlefield"

Event live - enjoy the event live! Get inspired, discover, connect and take advantage of all the opportunities on site! There is no shortage of them..

Online videos after the event - did you miss any of the lectures? Never mind! You have full access to all the videos anytime after the event!

Networking afterparty with DJs - Relax and have a drink with your new friends or business contacts and dance after the event! You've definitely had a busy day and you deserve it. 

Meet the speakers - we will arrange a meeting with the speakers, use our app to find out how.

Catering & drinks throughout the day - free first-class catering and great drinks throughout the event and at the party afterwards.

Discuss with speakers - you can discuss live or via the app

Connect with investors, startups and founders - connect live or via the app

VIP gala diner - separate event and gala dinner for invited guests and VIP ticket holders only More VIP info? As a bonus, you'll get a new book from the star of this year's GISMark Mobius, The Inflation Myth and the Wonderful World of Deflation has been recommended by the World Economic Forum as one of the five must-read books on inflation: https://www.weforum.org/videos/27198-5-must-read-books-on-inflation